Programs for everyone

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Cradle roll

Babies are welcomed at Sunday school where they learn songs and rhymes and maybe (probably) even eat cheerios. They have a special table so that nobody can crawl off and get hurt.

2 - 4 Year Olds

These little ones have their own class on Sunday mornings with a variety of teaching platforms available to teachers. They are never overlooked whether we are at family camp or at an H2H group.


This ministry is dedicated to making the Bible come alive for the young members of God's family. The children meet together to sing, learn a few Bible facts, and hear the story for the day. Then they are split up for an interactive application of the Bible.

Upwards Youth Sports

Castle Rock Church of Christ is now offering an Upward youth sports program. Upward is a faith-based sports league where children develop athletic skills; have a chance to have fun, play, and fellowship; and ultimately learn to become champions of Christ both on and off the field.


Our teens are a very active group. They do many activities together as well as meet Sunday mornings in a class "all their own."