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2019 Douglas County Fair Parade


The Douglas County Fair Parade is Saturday, July 27th!  We want to have an impressive turnout to represent our Lord and church family!  Special thanks to those of you who have already committed to being there!  

Sign-up HERE to help with items needed for the big day!

When and Where:

We will do our major decorating in line, waiting for the parade to begin. Please arrive between 7:30 and 8:00 A.M. if you want to help decorate. Arrive around 8:30 if you plan to ride/walk with us. The parade officially starts at 9:30, but we need to be prepared by 9:00.  Plan parking time.  A Trolley will pick up in a couple spots along Perry near the Safeway center.  It should drop you near our location.  Otherwise, walk up Plum Creek.  Since we line up by first come first served, we can’t tell you exactly where to find our float. Look for us along Plum Creek between Perry and the park beyond the Fairgrounds. Look for the white truck pulling our trailer with a fishing boat design on each side.  

What to Wear:

Anyone walking should wear the turquoise CRCoC t-shirt from past years. Otherwise, wear a Family Camp t-shirt.  Wear shoes that are comfortable and safe to walk in. A hat and sunscreen are suggested. 

Your Job during the Parade:

We have a limited number of spaces for riding on the float. We would mostly like children 7 and under to ride with a few adults.  There will be no hopping on and off the float. If your child wants to walk, he/she must walk the whole way. (Babies and toddlers may be in strollers.)

Those who are walking alongside the float will be handing out water guns with our logo imprinted on the side to share with parade spectators. We also need volunteers to carry the church banner.  Those on the float will wave to the crowd.

The parade goes by quite quickly. Our goal is to be noticed and remembered while leaving a positive impression for those who may be seeking.  Smile and have fun!  

At the End:

The Parade ends in front of the Police Department/Festival Park on Perry.  Plan to be flexible as you may have to do extra walking back to your car.  They have asked us to unload the float participants by entering the south end of the shopping center parking lot further down Perry.  However, larger floats like ours could be directed up Second Ave. and all the way around via Gilbert, Lake Gulch and Plum Creek most likely ending up in the Safeway lot.  If this happens, be prepared to help your children get off quickly along Second or ride all the way around with us as we may not be allowed to stop.


Thanks so much!  See you Saturday!

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