S T A R L I G H T I N G  2 0 1 5

This year at the Starlighting we handed out free scarves and flyers for the upcoming Upwards Youth Sports Program. There was also an ornament making station and Brothers-In-Arms right next door.

T R U N K  O R  T R E A T  2 0 1 5 

Every year Castle Rock Church of Christ invites children from the congregation and the local community to celebrate October 31st with us!

D O U G C O  P A R A D E  2 0 1 5

To make our presence known in the community we have a float in the parade and hand out water bottles and cool toys with our info on them.

F A M I L Y  C A M P  2 0 1 5

This year we had our First Annual Family Camp and it was a raging success. Classes were great, fellowship was great, and there was an Amazing Race and a Talent Show! Not to mention the s'mores every night.